Franco Covili owner of the company founded in 1971 in Pistoia.
The love for the land, the great dedication through the years and the passion for growing gradually has lead the company step by step to arrive for what it is today.
The vast range of quality plants and the various services offered to clients had lead to a business increase in foreign market.
Our production is in hands of highly qualified staff to insure the best quality product with very competitive prices.
We cultivate a wide variety of all plants of every species for all climates.
Our slogan is convenience, quality and service.
We have excellent commercial skills.
Exporting in and out of Europe is our expertise.
We are located in Pistoia, in the heart of the Tuscany region, 20 kilometers from Florence.
The cultivation of ornamental plants is Pistoia’s tradition and heritage.
It is the worldwide very well known “capital” of plants and nurseries where all the professionals come to view and select their plants.
Pistoia’s location and climate is very suitable for the fast growth of ornamental plants.
It is located in an alluvial plane with a rich and humid soil which is loose and composed of lime, clay and sand.
This soil is perfect for cultivation, lifting and very resistant to manipulation and transport, this is Pistoia’ s unique specialty.
Via Casella di Santomato 2/A - 51100 - Pistoia - Italia
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